Total solar eclipse: 14th November 2012

This eclipse was not visible in Belgium. It could only be observed in northern Australia.
The totality belt started in the eastern part of the state of 'Northern Territory'. Next, the eclipse moved across Queensland. Then, the moon shadow left the Australian continent. After a journey over the Coral Sea (Great Barrier Reef), the eclipse ended in the Great Ocean, just before reaching Chile.
This eclipse hided the sun for a maximum of 4 minutes and 2 seconds behind the moon. Unfortunately, observing for 4 minutes required observing at sea, between New Zealand and Chile. On the Australian east coast, totality lasted for 2 minutes.

13th or 14th November?
One site mentions 13th November, another one refers to 14th November... Which is correct?
In Australia the eclipse took place on 14th November. However, observations are always registered in world time. Aim is to ensure the correct and universal use of time registrations which makes it easier to compare observations. If world time the eclipse happened on 13th November (evening).